About Us

Long Studio Design is a luxury London-based homeware, lifestyle, accessories and interior curated online brand with UK manufacture and sustainability as part of our ethos.

We bring our unique perspective and strengths, to deliver a promise of quality and excellence in our original products, most of which are embellished with our original artwork.

Blue silk kimono with damask pattern by LongStudioDesign

The brand, LSD London (est. MMXX) was launched by architect, artist and designer, Rose Long in the Year of Corona 2020.

There were challenges to overcome but as the year progressed and there was time to quietly develop the ideas, it became apparent to Rose that this was the perfect time to provide exciting, original designs to wear and for the home.

As retail and offices were closed down by the pandemic, our homes became uniquely central to our lives and helped us to exist in comfort and safety.

Our homes became offices, restaurants, gyms, schools, hotels, spas, and cinemas.

And strangely they performed remarkably well, embracing all these different areas of our lives in one environment.


Things are worth waiting for -

The world began to take note of healthy eating, exercising more and buying locally, focussing on simple, carefree and conscious living and buying fewer, but higher quality products.

People discovered that focussing on things in their home that they really love, hugely improved their feelings of well-being.

LSD London realised that we could provide choices to help our customers express their personal style at home and regain our childhood enchantment with the world.

Ordering online and having items delivered to your door is extremely convenient.

We have products that are original, unique, high quality and beautifully designed.

Our beautiful finishes elevate our designs to a more sophisticated look.


About our Founder Rose:

Designer and creative director, Rose Long’s career has seen her progress from working for over 37 years as an architect to painting original artwork and designing products such as furniture, clothing and homeware goods.

She ran her own architectural practice since the mid 1990’s as Design Director. She has blurred the boundaries between design disciplines variously tackling product and furniture alongside designing new and refurbished developments. Her skill set is far reaching and she finds solutions to new and better ways of thinking.

She was brought up under the warm heat of the African sun in Johannesburg and Cape Town. She then moved to her paternal roots in London, in the UK.

Rose believes in the supreme importance of beauty in our lives.

We are surrounded by beauty but do not systematically include it in our everyday lives and environments. Think how wonderful it is to be in nature, beside the sea, or in mountains and valleys. All problems seem smaller, while the air water and sunshine revive and enliven us.

Rose’s aim is to show you how you can bring more beauty into your home and how you can appreciate and enjoy the talents and artistry of skilled artisans.


LSD London believes that fashion, furnishing and longevity should go hand-in-hand. We approach design with the idea that our designs are elegant and timeless.

LSD London cares about the environment, supports local industry and where possible works with organic and sustainable fabrics. Our products and accessories are mainly made in the UK.

Although we sometimes have small quantities of stock available, our made-to-order production model is designed to minimise waste and we are working towards our packaging being fully recyclable or compostable.

We want you to enjoy and appreciate the entire shopping experience with us and enjoy your LSD products for years to come.

Let us take you down our rabbit hole and introduce you to our unique and high-quality products to help you create inspirational interiors in your own home and provide you with a comfortable, safe, luxurious lifestyle wearing and living with our soft lustrous silks, cottons and other natural materials.

New pieces are added to our collections all the time.

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We will continue to innovate with new products and designs retaining our original ethos.

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